Connect for Harmony  

Drone light show costs:  (Reusable)


       Between $ 250,000 to 1 million +  depending on number of drones, duration and production.

  • Shows last around 8 minutes (for now)

  • Max. drones: 2,018 in Folsom, California. 5 minutes. (Intel Shooting Stars)

  • Drone show costs will lower over the years.

Performance Drones:

What's already possible and happening!

Zurich Performance Drone-Show Example:

               Visual created by Samuel Traber

               *Inspired by the Northern Lights*


Drone Documentaries:

Some positives, many negatives. 

I hope drones are restricted from public and military use.

Performance drones do not have cameras- only lights.

They are the perfect alternative to fireworks on New Year's Eve around the world. 

Progressive and positive entertainment. 


Drone Strands on New Year's:

A Global Symbol For Peace, Unity, Harmony & Respect